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Tuesday Campaign

Last week on the Tuesday game...

The party decided to first investigate the Meat Market, a large commercial square in the south-east section of the city. While slaves could of course be procured elsewhere in Iskar, the largest and most powerful slaver gangs operated exclusively out of the Meat Market, which of course meant that the widest and best selection of slaves could also be exclusively found within the Meat Market.

Speaking to the barkeep of the Iron Cauldron, the party discovered that three main gangs ran the Market: the Mad Cats, identifiable by the self-inflicted ritual scars on their faces and bodies; Volgsar's Boys, identifiable by the blue tribal tattoos that covered their arms and legs; and the "Weird Ones", identifiable by them "being weird".


Qilin and Jandar approached one of the Mad Cats and, under the guise of buying an exotic slave for House Morelli, managed to convince the slaver to bring them to their "main slave storehouse". In the mean time, Chant tried to touch the mind of one of the Weird Ones' slaves, but all he got were horrific flashes of madness and barely-constrained insanity.

Eventually, the sun set, and the party followed the Mad Cats back to their encampment, located about half a day's ride from the city. There, in a large tent full of chained slaves, they were introduced to the Mad Cats' boss, who bluntly told them to buy something or get out. However, when Hagren moved closer to the throne in a threatening posture, the half-orc boss growled and decided to attack them.

Working together, the party managed to wound the half-orc enough that he was forced to flee, leaving his guards to deal with the adventurers. While the rest of the party held off the guards, Chant investigated the ivory throne that the boss was sitting on, where he discovered a couple of levers hidden into the armrests. When he activated them, the slaves were free, and while the Mad Cats busied themselves with capturing the runaway slaves, the party made good their escape.

Hiding on a nearby hill, they decided to rest for a while to regroup and catch their breaths. As they were deciding what they should do next, a drow slave then ran up to them, saying that the slavers were now mounting worgs, and begged the party to help him. Instead of helping him, however, Chant decided to stab him in the face with a thrown dagger; the slave's death screams immediately attracted the attention of the slavers, and within moments the party found themselves surrounded by worg-riding slavers.

The slavers demanded 100gp for the death of their slave, but the party refused to pay, asking instead to be taken to their boss. Along the way back to the encampment, however, the party decided to jump the slavers and their worgs, and a huge battle broke out. By the time they dispatched the last rider and worg, the noise from the battle had attracted enough attention for the boss to gather the last two Mad Cats in the camp and make for the fight.

With his two loyal guards forming a shield wall and keeping the adventurers at bay, the half-orc - who turned out to be a warlock - raised his arcane orb and blasted the druid with a well-placed Witchbolt that he kept going every turn thereafter. Chant drank the milky-white potion he had found in the chest and temporarily gained the strength of a Hill Giant, but even that was not enough: eventually, through sheer grit and willpower, the boss of the Mad Cats showed the party how he became the boss of one of the most powerful slaver gangs in Iskar and wore the party down.

As the last adventurer collapsed into unconsciousness, the last thing he remembered was the slaver staring at them thoughtfully, with his arcane orb in one hand and heavy iron manacles in the other.

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