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Thursday Campaign

Last week on the Thursday game...


As the party headed further into the sewers, Trinity realised that the drag marks that they were following had stopped and were instead replaced by footprints, possibly made by men carrying the chest. As they continued further in, however, they found themselves face to face with an otyugh, a foul aberration famous for its ability to subsist on nothing more than raw sewage and hatred.

The party worked together like a well-oiled machine, and before the creature was able to get off more than two attacks they had managed to slice off its many tentacles and gut the beast. However, the fight was far from over: it turned out that the otyugh had swallowed another creature recently, and when Cariel disembowelled the creature, it came out with claws out, ready to bite the first thing it saw.


Trinity recognised the creature as a red slaad, a frog-like creature from the Plane of Limbo. Although Robert tried to communicate with the creature via Message, all he got back in return was a series of nonsensical images that implied death and destruction. With little other choice, the party attacked the slaad and, in a matter of moments, managed to put it down despite its impressive regenerative abilities. They did not get away unscathed, however, and Trinity, Borock and Mordai had all picked up a strange disease in the fight.

The way ahead clear, the party pushed on until they came to a cul-de-sac within the sewers. A chest was conspicuously placed in the centre of the room, along with a small selection of crates marked with the sigil of the Merchant's Guild, and a few rags scattered in the corner. Robert searched the rags and found a large gold sovereign coin, while Mordai's examination of the chest revealed that it was not trapped. The moment Mordai touched the chest, however, it came alive, its tongue whipping around the tiefling rogue and grappling him.

Faced with a chest that was suddenly alive, the party quickly dispatched the creature. As Cariel drove her sword into the heart of the creature, it let out a death cry: a cry that was suddenly picked up by a hundred other voices above them, outside the sewers. It appeared that all the mimics in town were somehow connected via a hivemind, and the moment one of them was killed, all of them collectively decided to flee town.

As the party made out of the sewers with a few crates worth of stolen Merchant Guild property - namely a crate full of leathers, spices, and half a crate's worth of dyes; the latter two they decided to fence to the Thieves Guild for 200gp and 250gp respectively, while the former they returned to the Merchant's Guild for a surprisingly generous reward of 200gp - they decided to leave Robert in town while the rest of them followed the trail of the mimics.

While the rest of the party was off hunting mimics, Robert decided to Identify the cloak he had found in the mimic's stomach and the gold sovereign coin. The cloak turned out to be a Patchwork Cloak, whose many patches could be torn off and used to conjure a wide variety of mundane but useful things. The sovereign, on the other hand, tried to eat Robert: it turned out to be an infant mimic, and in his immediate panic Robert drowned the creature in a mug of ale, leaving nothing but a pile of yellow mush behind.

Along the way, the rest of the party decided to rest for a short while along the road, at which point Cariel spent the last of her Lay on Hands to cure Trinity of the disease she picked up whilst fighting the red slaad. This of course still left Mordai and Borock infected, but with little time remaining, they decided to push on instead of making camp and resting for the night.

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