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Monday Campaign

Location: the Northwestern Port Town of the Light of Lethae

The Lighthouse is the Light's one and only inn, tavern, and official rendezvous point for adventurers of all stripes. Run by the annoyingly-chipper Gingi and his busboy Stephan, the tavern happened to be running its very first LFG (Looking For Group) event on the night that the party stumbled in.

LFG is, in a nutshell, speed-adventuring. Although they had started off in different tables - Moonwhisper with a hot Elven Ranger who dissed him for his unadventurous look; Ren with an easily-frightened Gnomish Wizard; Patience with two overly-chatty halflings that tested his patience; and Arfen with a Human Barbarian who was more interested in drinking than adventuring - our disparate adventurers eventually ended up at the same table when the bell for adventure was rung.


Gingi explained the quest that the newly-formed party was supposed to undertake. A notable naval scholar by the name of Antonio DeShae, from Under The Moon University, had gone missing, and his university wanted him back. DeShae was last seen in the town of Septum, a tourist town near the famous Lover's Quarrel waterfall, and the party was given two clues to go on: DeShae's leather-bound journal, and a torn piece of cloth with a crescent moon sewn onto it.

After successfully intimidating Gingi into giving them potions, the party was quickly ushered out of the Lighthouse by the busboy and into the company of their caravan driver. The trip itself proved uneventful, and they eventually came to a small town about a day's ride from the Light of Lethae.

There, the party disembarked and examined the only thing of note in town: a well with the graffiti of a cat somehow etched into its very stones. Moonwhisper tried to remove the mark, but even magic proved futile, and just when they were about to give up, they heard a roar from the outskirts of town: it was a bear!

The party valiantly defended the town from the rampaging creature, but in the process ended up setting the town on fire. The angry townsfolk formed a mob to drive them off, and although they tried to placate the angry mob, it was to no avail. With some grudging resentment, the party left town to the sounds of loud boos and rotten vegetables being thrown at their retreating backs.

After a few more days of travelling, the party ended up before a wizard's tower, located right on the edge of the town of Septum. This tower belonged to Skintz, a frail and humble-looking wizard, and he - like everyone else in this gods-forsakened world - had a quest for them: apparently goblins were raiding the town of Septum, and Skintz wanted the party to stop the raids.

Of course, the party was not interested in accepting yet another quest, and in the midst of the argument, two opportunistic goblins decided to attack. The ensuing fight proved to be a disaster, and one goblin managed to flee the scene, returning back to camp to warn the rest of his friends.

At this point, the party decided to hike towards the Lovers' Quarrel, where DeShae was last seen. Along the way, they meet a bunch of children who, whilst telling them the history of the waterfall, promptly steal the cloth (with the crescent moon) from them before disappearing. Cursing their luck, they eventually enter the Cave of Sil, where the receptionist at the front of the cave helpfully explained that the orb before them now was enchanted by a wizard to prevent earthquakes and rockfalls. Thinking that they needed some good luck for the rest of the journey, all except Arfen touched the orb, and they all proceeded on their way to the Lovers' Quarrel.

Tourists milled around the waterfall, but Ren promptly got rid of them by using his Mage Hand to grope them inappropriately. Searching the place, Moonwhisper spotted a poem that read: "the Blue Moon shines bright, gates open for the night, clothes are important, cat meows slight". Not understanding what it meant, the party shrugged and decided to move on, where they found the source of the river...  right next to two headless skeletons, one posed in a kneeling position while the other held its arms aloft in anguish. These were the infamous Lovers, and before them were two deep holes that seemed to lead deep into a cave.

The party decided to tie their ropes together and, using a nearby barricade as an anchor, abseil down one of the holes. However, when Moonwhisper was halfway down the rope, a bunch of kobolds ambushed the party that forced them to backtrack and deal with the threat of impending death. Thankfully, with Ren's Sleep spell, the kobolds were eventually pacified, and the party discovered a loincloth on the kobolds with an embroidered pattern of a crescent moon that looked suspiciously familiar...

Bathed in moonlight, the cloth began to shine, and in the reflected light a small hidden cave revealed itself. The way forward was now open, but with the party members all respectively hurt, exhausted or nearly dead, they weren't quite sure if they would survive the trip into the unknown.


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