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Saturday Campaign (Junwei)

Last week on the Saturday game...

When the party finally arrived at the crash site of the elven ship, they found themselves being turned back from a large blockade of elven warships. The fact that the blockade was heavily reinforced by a whole contingent of soldiers - coupled with the rumours that they have been hearing all this while about "a great darkness swallowing the ship" - worried the party, but they steeled themselves and approached the guards.

After a significant amount of pestering, the elven captain Everglas gave up and allowed the party through the blockade, though he warned them that they were only going to risk their lives. It turned out that a planar rift had swallowed the entire ship, and although the army's mages were trying their best to keep the rift open, it was getting smaller by the day. Two squads had already been sent through the rift, but till date none of them have returned. Everglas also passed along reports that a suspicious-looking hooded figure had passed through the region just a few days before the rift had opened, and that the army was currently on the lookout for said figure.

With the promise of a reward from the army should they successfully rescue anyone from within the rift, they leap through the swirling portal...  and found themselves in the Elemental Plane of Earth. Following the deep drag marks that ran along the ground, they eventually came upon a ridge made up entirely of green crystals. The party quickly realised, to their horror, that the ridge was actually a colony of Crysmal - scorpion-shaped gemstone elementals - but after a few aborted attempts at communication, peace was eventually brokered, and the party allowed to pass.

The party eventually arrived at what appeared to be a field of stone, whereupon they were immediately set upon by an angry lava-serpent known as a Thoqqua. After handily defeating the creature, they found the creature's nest and, after pocketing two of its eggs, eventually found the missing elven ship, perched perilously at the top of a tall cliff. Peering down, the party saw a pitched battle taking between elven soldiers and earth elementals taking place at the bottom of the cliff; and, before they could decide what they were going to do, the ship - with the party still onboard - began its inexorable slide down the cliff.

The crash was thunderous and painful, but everyone survived it and, as soon as the dust had settled, quickly ran to the aid of the flagging elves. Just as the tides of battle began to turn, however, everyone suddenly stopped as the earth began to shake. Something large and powerful was coming their way, and they knew that now was probably a good time to flee. Grabbing what they could from the wrecked ship, the party and the elves fled back the way they came from and, after a good many failed Acrobatics check, eventually made their way out of the rift.

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