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Saturday Campaign (Shane)

Last week on the Saturday game...

At Vaelin's request, the party investigated a brewery on an island that was said to house bandits that were threatening the region. They agreed, and upon entering the brewery, they discovered three tied-up workers who they promptly freed. However, as they were preparing to make their way back to shore, they came across a sorcerer who barred their way.

A magical duel ensued, and after dealing with the spell-slinger, they found the unconscious body of Ranger Holt somewhere near their boats. They revived the Ranger, and learnt that his injuries were the result of a fierce battle with Vaelin! Cursing the double-crossing warlock, they found and followed a set of tracks that eventually led them to a large cave.

Twilly, scouting ahead of the rest of the party, was careless and was discovered by the large Elvish army - the Argetlam - that Vaelin had been secretly gathering all these months. However, she had heard enough: Vaelin, in true classical villain fashion, revealed that the scroll (which the party helped him retrieve from Muire's Tomb) was the last thing that he needed to complete his preparations, and that the Argetlam was now ready to attack New Amarath. Before the soldiers could catch her, she leaped over the heads of the waiting guards and ran out of the cave like a bat out of hell.

Regrouping at Ranger HQ, the party realised that they now needed a plan to defend New Amarath. The wizard Relzen decided that he would attempt to reverse-engineering the tracking spells on their Rings of Invisibility (that Vaelin gifted them a few days ago) so that he would be able to detect the Argetlam, while Twilly and Gilmore decided that she would attempt to rally the people of the town and help them prepare their defences.

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