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Saturday Campaign (Junwei)

Last week on the Saturday game...

Following the trail of the Hooded Man, the party arrives in the Port City of Lakewood. A stroke of good luck led them to the discovery of his boat and, hidden beneath a secret hatch, an obsidian sacrificial altar that reeked of death and power in equal parts. Upon further examination, Zaki realised that the Hooded Man was a warlock just like him, and that his patron was a Devil; and, from the power the altar was emanating, an extremely powerful one.

Leaving the landsick Xian onboard the ship, the rest of the party headed to the temple district in an attempt to find some answers. Almost immediately, Zaki had his pockets picked. The party gave chase, and when the pickpocket disappeared into a small house that was little more than a hole in the wall, they barged in right behind him...  and into the den of the Wanderers, a group of assassins who kill only according to a strict set of precepts.

Rigid, the group leader, explained the dilemma they were in right now. The Baron Lakewood, who ruled over the city and its surrounding lands, has recently started accepting bribes from the rich whilst simultaneously overtaxing the poor. Although the Wanderers were assassins, they would not - could not - kill the Baron themselves. The adventurers, however, were from out of town, and if they did this deed on behalf of the Wanderers, they would be richly rewarded.

The party agreed, and having learnt that the Baron was going to be holding a Mid-Autumn ball in his mansion, they decided to break into the ball by dressing up as one of the guards. After some sneaking and digging around, they eventually learnt that it was not the Baron who has been taking all these bribes; instead, it was his once-trusted adviser Jolts who had stolen his seal and forged his signature on all of his documents.

With a knife to the Baron's throat, Jolts warned the party to not come any closer, but the party leaped in anyway, and after a brief scuffle managed to disarm the adviser and rescue the Baron. In exchange for their help, the Baron agreed to give both Ian and Nicole a personal letter of recommendation, and to give Zaki the still-living adviser to "dispose off".

The party returned to the den of the Wanderers, where Ian met Ron Goodwill, the son of one of his lieutenants in the war. Having sworn an oath to return his father's sword to him, he promptly did that, and Ron - out of appreciation and, perhaps, misplaced loyalty to his father's memory - decided to sign on with the party as a deckhand. Rigid told them that he had seen the Hooded Man heading west, along the river, towards Newforest, and they were off, hot on the trail of this figure they have spent the last few weeks chasing.

Back on the ship, Zaki consulted his oracular bones and was given a flash of insight: a warning, perhaps, from his patron, or a sign of things to come. A Red Screen with yellow eyes, a false King on a false throne, and the Hooded Figure laughing a deep belly laugh. What could it mean?

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