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Saturday Campaign (Shane)

Last week on the Saturday campaign...

Lincoln (Human Wizard) and Perry (Half-Elf Sorcerer) have both heard tell the fall of Amarath and - being inquisitive creatures fascinated by the lure of magic - had both decided to travel to the ruins of the fabled city together. On the road, they ran into Christel (Halfling Rogue) who too was travelling to Amarath, but for a very different reason: it has always been her dream to bring music to the supposed Silence that surrounds the city ruins, and she is now on her way to do just that.

As the trio continues on, they eventually meet the elven sorcerer Vaelin and his bodyguard, Shuzhen (Human Fighter).  Upon hearing that they were all headed for Amarath, he proposed an alternative route into the ruins: instead of heading overland towards Amarath, Vaelin knew of a nearby tomb that not only lead straight into fallen city proper, but was also a safer and more profitable route for the party. It was the tomb of Muire, an elven enchanter who was endlessly fascinated by magical items; so much so that his last request was that he be buried with his laboratory and a few of his chosen creations.

After dealing with some light resistance in the form of giant bats, Vaelin and the party eventually reach what appeared to be an exhibition room of some kind, complete with seats for weary visitors and display cabinets showing off various curios. In the time-honoured tradition of adventurers everywhere, they set to looting the place and came out with an apothecary's set, a set of healing potions, a fine painting of Muire, and a few of Muire's notes from his school days. There was also a tome that outlined the events that lead up to Muire's death, as well as a description of Muire's famous staff.

The tomb proper housed an object of such incredible magical power that even the magically-deaf in the party could feel its pull. In his greed and haste, Vaelin grabbed at a random scroll lying upon a sarcophagus...  at which point the giant statue, which had previously just loomed at them intimidatingly from the back of the room, suddenly came to life. Thankfully, the walls of the tomb were old and rickety, and as the statue gave chase, the walls gave way, and the party escaped the tomb more or less unscathed.

As Vaelin had promised, the Tomb of Muire did indeed lead them right to the border of the Amarath Silence. Having done what he had set out to do, Vaelin took his leave of the party while the quartet - itching for a hot meal, a warm drink and a cool bed - made their way to the town of New Amarath, a small settlement built right on the edge of the Silence.

Along the way to New Amarath, they were approached by a rough-looking dragonborn who questioned them vigorously about what had happened to the Tomb of Amarath. Identifying himself as part of the Ranger Corp - an organisation responsible for policing the area around Amarath - the man (who called himself Holt) warns them that strange things have been happening in New Amarath, and that the party should watch their backs. His mysterious warning given, Holt disappeared back into the wilderness from which he came.

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