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Thursday D&D Campaign + S&SJOST

Session 0

Where we make characters, create character relationships and goals, and establish the campaign's tone.  We'll also go through a few basic ideas about the world that we'll be exploring together, and maybe run through a sample combat scenario just to ensure that everyone knows how the character they just created works!

We'll all be starting at level 1, and I expect your characters to probably reach level 4 or 5 by the end of the story arc.  Run-time for this story arc is tentatively one month.  This campaign is for a maximum of five players, but don't be sad if you don't make the cut, because there's also...


Shane and (Sometimes) Jack's One-Shot Thursday will be, uh, whatever one-shot Shane (or sometimes Jack) feels like running that Thursday.  He will let you know more about that, I guess?  Maybe?  I have no idea.

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