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Monday Campaign

Last week on the Monday game, the party...

  • arrived in Northreach and met Nicodemus, steward of the keep. The Dragonborn Baron (who will eventually become the Viscount) and his knights are currently out, and are not due to be back for a while now. Until the Viscount returns, Nicodemus is in charge.
  • met with Tyd, an azer who takes an immediate liking to Mukah and an immediate dislike to Bruenor. Tyd tells them that he will be able to forge arms for them as long as they provide him with some feysteel.
  • met with Ankers, guildmaster of the Wilders, who's headed off into the Feywild. Luna sets fire to Ankers' room after trying to sneak a peek at the bard's decoy journal (triggering a Glyph of Warding in the process), but they eventually manage to pick up Ankers' tracks through the forest.
  • followed the tracks into a portal that lead them to the Feywild. Rhys tries to climb a tree away from the path to get a vantage point, but ends up stuck on the tree with no way to climb back down. He ends up making a deal with the tree: he'll trade the tree a small favour in exchange for being put back on the path.
  • end up in the Goblin Markets. There, Mukah picks up a dragon's egg for one large favour, and learns to his dismay that the egg cannot be hatched. They trade the egg and two medium favours to a merchant for a shipment of feysteel to Ankers, currently located in the Court of Winter.
  • try to make their way to Winter, but end up at the Page of Wands' estate. They negotiate a way out of the Feywild with the Page, and end up collecting the feysteel from the fringes of the Winter Court (Ankers rejected the shipment, having learnt that it's never a good idea to accept gifts in the Feywild).
  • end up back in the Prime Material, where they try to move the feysteel but realise it's too dense for them to move it by themselves. Mukah and Myxis go to Northreach to try and fetch Tyd, to see if he can help, but while they're gone, wolves attack the rest of the party. They eventually defeat the wolves, and the feysteel is slowly dragged to Tyd's workshop.
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