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Monday Campaign

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After burying the peasants as well as they are able to, the party rest in the village and awaken to the sounds of an approaching dwarven caravan. Shocked to see the place so ruined, they express outrage at the story Luna tells them and congratulate the adventurers on ridding the world of such an evil. However, when Bruenor tries to bring the machine along with them on the caravan, the dwarves would not hear of it and insist on smashing the "infernal device" to bits right there and then, that no-one else might profit from such an evil thing.

The party joins the caravan on the way to Islington, capital of Druss and the largest city this far north, and on the way there, the caravan leader tells the party that they belong to an "independent merchant's consortium" whose interests are antithetical to the Merchant's Guild's stranglehold on regional trade. Should they wish to work with the consortium instead of the Guild, the leader says, they need but call at this address.

Now back in civilised lands, the group now set about trying to identify the the wand that they have acquired. Rhys cases out a few jewellers and identifies one with the poorest security - a certain gnome-owned enterprise by the name of Bigby's & Sons ("est. 593 CE; proud member of the Merchant's Guild") - but decides, at the last minute, to not rob the store. Instead, he waits till the morning before telling the rest of the party, and they decide to head into the store as a group of customers instead.

Although he tries to hide it, Myxis notices that the proprietor of the store seems excessively interested in the wand and offers increasingly large sums of gold to buy it, even going so high as to offer her 4500gp outright for it. She refuses the sale, and the proprietor regretfully returns the wand to her, whereupon she immediately notices something strange about it...  almost as if something had been added to it.

Exiting Bigby's & Sons, she retreats to a quiet spot and, after several minutes of examining the wand, notices that the jeweller had sneakily added a tracking spell to the wand. She storms back in to confront the jeweller, and while he admits to doing that, he shrugs and says that it's not against the law to do this: "I simply wish to ensure that such a work of art does not go missing again". Fuming but unable to do anything about it, the party decide to see if the merchant consortium can help them remove the spell.


The consortium leader seems pleased to see the party again, and readily agrees to help them remove the spell... if they are willing to pay for it, that is. Luna asks if they can pay in kind, and they eventually reach a deal: in exchange for sabotaging a shipment of silks that the Merchant's Guild is currently sending to Northreach, the consortium will remove the tracking spell placed on the wand.

After signing on with the caravan as guards (at a pay of 1gp per day), the party begin to have second thoughts about making enemies of the powerful Merchant's Guild. These doubts stop them from following through with their plan and, when a band of gnolls attack the caravan, they even go so far as to stop fighting the bandits to prevent the shipment from being damaged. The adventurers have, it seems, decided to firmly throw their hat into the Guild's corner of this fight...  but at what cost?

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