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Saturday Campaign

  • party is tasked by Baron Brixius to investigate missing village
  • fights off a wolf while traveling
  • they see 6 huts at what appears to be the ruins of the village. 1 broken carriage is in the middle of the village
  • they hack away at the vines obstructing 3 of the hut entrances
  • corpses with plant material growing out of em in each of those huts, one of them sporting the barons uniform 
  • when the fighter approaches one of the houses, he sees 2 corpses (also sporting the barons colours) behind one of the huts 
  • they come to life, and the party sees 2 more appear, seemingly from the ground
  • zombies take down the paladin before the party can slay them all
  • party takes a rest while waiting for the paladin to regain consciousness. They investigate the carriage and corpses and find a tattered elven note that says 'need more souls for (unknown script)'
  • after wizard detects magic, they follow a trail of magic. Wizard also sends out a familiar owl to scout and sees a clearing with a girl tied up on stone slab
  • they reach the clearing, see a druid  chanting a spell. They try to sneak by staying near some bushes, but are attacked by twig blights pretending to be bushes.
  • paladin uses fire breath, kills 2, scares the other 2 off. Mage and fighter finish off the other 3.
  • druid finishes his ritual, killing the girl and turning her into a vine blight. Druid entangles the earth, almost ensnaring the paladin and fighter 
  • fighter is knocked out by druids thunderwave. After getting pelted by arrows and firebolts, he turns into a dire wolf and runs away.
  • the party slays the vine blight and stabilise the fighter.
  • party attempts to break the slab and succeeds, releasing the souls trapped inside. 
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