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Thursday Campaign

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Skirting past the swamp in front of them, the party stumble into a large cavern whose most prominent feature is a large set of stairs leading to the next higher tier...  and a massive gold dragon. Despite its fearsome appearance, the dragon appears to be terribly wounded, and the entire cavern stinks of blood and gore, though not all of it appears to be from the dragon.

Ymriss tells the party that it is too late for it: its wounds are too grievous, too numerous, and it has foreseen its death. But although there is nothing the party can do for it, there is yet much it can do for them: all they have to do is ask the correct questions.

The adventurers learn that the gold dragon was attacked by a creature wreathed in shadow and fire, and although Ymriss managed to defeat and slay it three times, it managed to somehow come back every single time. The most recent attack was but two weeks ago, and if the pattern of attacks and revivals hold, the creature should be mere hours away from fully regenerating and regaining all of its powers.

Ymriss also tells them that the cards and crystal ball that Bo has been using all this while are scrying conduits that work both ways, and that every time he looks into them, a servant of the shadowed flame is able to look back at them. Perturbed, Bo hands the cards to Ymriss to destroy, but Mordai stops him before he is able to also destroy the crystal ball.

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"Rather than smash the orb," the rogue says, after secreting the crystal ball in his Bag of Holding (where it cannot listen in on their discussion), "we should instead use this opportunity to spread misinformation about our plans. While scrying, let's pretend that we're going to scale the mountain from the back and attack him that way; this will hopefully draw some of his forces away and allow us to approach him from the front." The party agree, and they act out a short but somewhat convincing skit.

With its dying breath, Ymriss urges them to hurry into the next tier, but the party - drawn by the lure of the dragon's hoard - decides to stay for a while to see if they can get into the dragon's lair, located high up in the cavern. Using the last piton available to them, Borock prepares to scale the sheer cavern walls, but not before tasking Mordai with shooting him every time the tiefling sees the dragonborn's rage falter.

The barbarian tries this three times, but on all three times Borock finds himself thwarted right at the very end, just before he manages to grab the lip of the ledge. Disgusted, the dragonborn throws his hands up into the air and gives up, swearing to return later, when they're on their way down the mountain.

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