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Monday Campaign

Luna Sylvestri the Half-Elven Bard (Steffie) is a wanted criminal from the city of Yus, in the kingdom of Yaniel. Forced to go on the run after cheating a wealthy minor noble out of a small fortune, she subsequently spent most of that fortune going on the lam and eventually joined the Wilders. News has reached her that there's a vacancy in Wilder leadership, and she intends to follow-up on that lead to see if it would lead to anything...  profitable.

Bruenor Battlehammer the Dwarven Cleric (Weijie) hails from a long line of dwarven nobles whose name was once carved large and proud upon the great halls of his people's homes...  until, of course, his grandfather broke and fled before his foes in a border skirmish. With his entire family disgraced and in self-imposed exile from the city of Nihfaldir, he has sworn to die a glorious death in order to restore honour to his family's name.

Myxis the Gnomish Wizard (Devika) discovered that she had the gift of magic when, one day, she snuck into her father's room and accidentally set off a spell scroll. The incident got her sent off to the Hidden Schools, where she would receive a comprehensive education in the art of Divination in the hopes that it would give her the foresight required to avoid such expensive mistakes in the future. In the course of her studies, she receives a true dream from beyond the gates of Horn: that of a king - robed in purple and crowned in iron - rising from the south, and with him a shadow stretching out across the land. She has pledged herself to end this threat to civilisation.

Rhys the Elven Rogue (Uriah) is a member of the Road from the town of Nurmia, in the kingdom of Wethorp. After making a name for himself as the fastest rogue to ever make the Thief's Run - a network of connected rooftops that spans the entire town - he decided that the tiny town had little else to offer him and decided to leave in search of fame and adventure. After a night of hard drinking at a tavern, he overhears a few travellers talking about the untold magical treasures that the sidhe have and, in a fit of drunken ambition, decides that he's going to steal something from them.

Mukah the Dragonborn Paladin (Vivek) was off wandering in the woods one day as a child when he stumbled across an inhumanly beautiful lady. Calling herself the Queen of Swords, she promised him great skill and martial power if he would but stay with her for a while; and in his youthful innocence, Mukah agreed. "A while" turned into several long years, and after finally winning his freedom through a series of arena fights, he finds himself in a world that has suddenly grown colder than usual. Armed with feysteel arms, the paladin now sets off across the world in search of his clutch.

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Friday Campaign
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Tuesday Campaign