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Thursday Campaign

Last week on the Thursday game...

Ascending Gorakmor with little trouble (beyond Cariel missing her footing on the stairs and slamming face-first into the cliffside), the party pass the other group of adventurers on the second tier - currently studying the black dragon skeleton alongside a bunch of academics - and head straight for the third tier.

The main feature of the third tier appears to be a large swamp that, upon Trinity's inspection, used to be a verdant forest. Despite the heavy snowfalls of the past few months, the swamp has not yet frozen over but is still, inexplicably, warm enough to melt the snow falling in and around it. However, the rest of the ledge is buried beneath a couple feet of snow, making it difficult for anyone to so much as move through it.


Mordai decides to sneak ahead of the party and scout out the swamp...  whereupon, as per the orc leader's warnings, he was immediately set upon by a couple of gigantic "worms". The tiefling tries to negotiate with the creatures, shouting out in all the languages that he knows that he means no harm, but the remorhazes know nothing beyond thirst and hunger and territory: and right now, the party is standing in its territory.

The remorhazes prove as relentless as they are furious, but with the combined efforts of the rest of the party, the scaled creatures are eventually chopped up and put into the ground, where they begin melting the snow all around them. With the butchery complete, the party look up to see a single human figure hurrying towards them from the opposite end of the swamp, waving and making it clear that he means no harm.

Upon arrival, he introduces himself as Deldriss, manservant of the gold dragon Ymriss. This immediately rouses Bo's suspicions: based on what the cleric knows of gold dragons, they are solitary creatures that are unlikely to take on servants. What's more, for this stranger to hide while they fight and only approach them after they defeat the remorhazes seems like unbefitting behaviour from a so-called servant of a gold dragon, who pride themselves on being paragons of virtue. Bo communicates his suspicions with the rest of the party through Message relayed through Robert, and Mordai takes the lead in questioning him.

Unfortunately, Deldriss proves to be a conversationalist that is at least as canny as the rogue, and he neatly sidesteps most of their questions, telling them only that his supposed master is currently injured and would greatly reward the party if they would bring him some herbs that grow on the other side of the ledge. When Trinity expresses her distrust of him in her usual blunt and honest fashion, he uses this opportunity to take offence and try to leave the group, forcing the party to knock him out and tie him up.

As they do so, however, his eyes turn white and his soul appears to leave his body, taking up brief occupancy in Cariel's body before bouncing off away into the astral plane. Using Borock's githyanki sword, they sever the soul's silver thread, thus ensuring that he would not only be unable to return to his body, but also allowing Bo to use Speak with Dead to question him if the party so desire.

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