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Thursday Campaign

Last week on the Thursday game...


Stepping through the portal to the Feywild, the party find themselves on a Road that seems to lead to another location within the Prime Material. Robert took it upon himself to do a little experimentation: stepping off the path, he tries to fracture himself but finds that, although his mind fractures as expected, his ability to manifest his fractured selves appear to be blocked somehow by another more powerful presence. This, he rightfully concludes, is probably the result of the current eternal winter.

Feeling bold, Robert calls out to Titania, and Titania answers from the skies, with storm clouds the size of skyscrapers forming themselves into the now-familiar face of the winter sovereign. From her lips the party learn that the adventurers they previously sent into the Feywild were instrumental in the death of Oberon, and now that the Summer Court is no more, Titania is now the supreme ruler of all the Feywild.

Before the horrified party could turn around and return to Yaniel, Robert asks Titania if she can help him deal with his fractured mind. With a loud click of her fingers that sounded like a thunderclap, his mind was suddenly his own again; but instead of his fractured selves merging back into a single whole, Robert finds himself...  diminished instead, as if his fractures were sent flying into the depths of the Feywild instead of being reincorporated into himself.

Back on terra firma, the party discuss their plans for the future, and all agree that their current goal should be the restoration of Summer to the Prime Material. As a native of Yaniel, their new cleric Bo draws upon his familiarity with the land and suggest that they head to the library town about a week away from Yus. The rest all agree that this is a prudent move, and they decide to head straight for the town of Biblos.


Unfortunately, given that Trinity was leading the way, they quickly ran into trouble just a few days out of Yus. A couple of mindflayers barred the party's way, but unlike the other mindflayers that waylaid them in the past, these appeared willing to speak. Introducing themselves as members of some sort of illithid brotherhood, they tell Mordai that a bunch of their brothers have fallen under the spell of some charismatic cult leader, and that they are currently planning to attack the party within a couple of days. If the party find a way to free these wayward brothers and return them to the "proper way of things", they promise to erase Borock's Deep Speech brand, thus allowing him to lead the rest of his life without fearing mindflayer vengeance.

The party agree, and the promised attack happened when the party next broke camp. With the initial mindblast stunning most of the party members into uselessness, it did not take long for the mindflayers to grapple Cariel and Mordai and - surprisingly, instead of devouring their brains as they had normally done - drag them away as hostages of some sort. With no other choice, Robert killed one of the mindflayers and Trinity, bound by the oath to her god, was also forced to put the remaining mindflayer down.

Chasing down the two mindflayers who escaped with their friends, the remaining party members come upon a clearing with four luxuriously outfitted tents and another slightly larger, slightly more richly-decorated tent. Robert tosses the place upside down and finds a large bag of gold coins, a crystal ball, a deck of gilded Tarot cards, and most interestingly of all, a map of the world with a large ruby sewn into the spot where (in his best estimation) Mt Amarath would probably be located.


It is currently Late Spring.

The party has ??gp, the treasury ??gp, and Mordai's chapter has ??gp.

Notable items in the Keep include:

  • Golden Bracelet: the gold of the bracelet frames a thin sheet of marble that features, in the far-eastern bas-relief style of Lacio, the scene of an archer firing a greatbow at a dryad emerging from a pond. Two symbols of Krubivax - the empty circle of the new moon, and a skull with a worm crawling out of its eye socket - appear in the corners of the scene.

Notable guests of the Keep include:

  • Nicodemus, chief steward of the keep
  • Eldraz, Borock's clutchmate who's missing both his hands
  • Tyd, the Azer smith in the keep's forge
  • Egoveus, the human wizard living in the keep's tower
  • Garle, representative of Ankers & Co.
  • Halvenpaul, widowed captain of the guard
  • Gilran, lieutenant of Mordai's chapter


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