Global Events

Global Events

Resting during Eternal Night

Sure, it being always night is kinda messed up, but I’ll tell you what: it’s been great for business.

- Wenkin, halfling tavern owner

For a short rest, you need to camp - with shelter and bedroll - for eight hours.

For a long rest, you need to rest in an inn:

  • A cheap inn (1sp per night; total 7sp) requires seven nights of rest.

  • A modest inn (5sp per night; total 15sp) requires three nights of rest.

  • A comfortable inn (5gp per night; total 5gp) requires one night of rest.

Gates Closing

All portals linking the Prime Material to the following planes are closed, and no spell may open a portal between them, no matter how temporary. If a spell relies on or requires a connection to any of these planes, it automatically fails.

  • The Infinite Layers of the Abyss

  • The Ever-Changing Chaos of Limbo

  • The Grey Wastes of Hades

Other spells are also affected in an unknown manner.

Teleportation Circles

Folding space and time through the use of ancient magical circles that all mysteriously failed about a couple of centuries ago? Sounds great. What could possibly go wrong?

- Ulbul the Skeptic, elven wizard

Teleportation circles around the world - once dormant for centuries - have awakened, allowing almost anyone to travel vast distances across the world almost instantaneously. To use a circle, you will need physical access to a teleportation circle, the runic signature of the destination circle, and ten minutes in the circle.

First, hold the runic signature of the destination circle around you in your mind’s eye. Then, as long as nobody interrupts your ritual, the runic signature of your current circle - along with your surroundings - should slowly change to that of your destination. If you are however interrupted, make a Concentration save (DC 10): if successful, the ritual ends harmlessly. If you fail, however, you and anyone standing within the circle is thrown to the realm between realms.

Destruction of Iskar

I was there. That's all I'll say on the matter.

- Hope, tiefling rogue

All magical items - including spell components, and magical inks used for the inscription of spells - now cost three times as much until a new distribution route is established between the Sunken Isles and the mainland.