The Great Game: An Introduction

The Great Game: An Introduction

The following is in-world lore for all the campaigns of Experience Point in the shared world of Nevermore. Interested in joining or finding out more? Check out our Events Calendar to read our campaign diaries, drop us an email with any questions that you may have, or simply just give us a call! Don't worry, we're nice...  -ish.


Each player would take the role of a powerful political character in one of the ten kingdoms: perhaps the king, perhaps a vizier, perhaps a court wizard. Your roles and kingdoms will be random, and your starting positions will not be fair or balanced. You will have neighbours who are more powerful than you, neighbours who bigger assholes than you, and neighbours who are both that will attack you. It will be up to you to play the hand of cards that you have been dealt.

Time commitment

Each game turn will last 3 IRL days, ignoring Sundays (ie. Monday - Wednesday, one turn; Thursday - Saturday, one turn). This means that you'll get 3 IRL days to write and plan your moves for each in-game week. If you do not register your move by the deadline, you will skip your turn.

Scope and Goals

I'm planning to run this for 5 IRL weeks to start off first, meaning 10 turns = 10 in-game weeks. Your objective is simple: advance your personal position in the kingdom (ideally to become king if you're not already king), while glorifying your kingdom at the same time so that you'll inherit something actually worthwhile.


It will be some trimmed-down hack of FATE. Your kingdoms will be represented by a few skills rated from +1 to +4, but they're not really important: what's more important is what the numbers represent. Having +2 Military doesn't mean shit; being famous for a strong cavalry is what matters. All rolls will be resolved by me in secret, you'll only know the outcome of your actions.

General metagaming advisory

This is a political game. This means that alliances will be made and betrayed, and you can never trust anybody but yourself. Don't let this ruin your RL relationships. Treat it as a game of Resistance, and let the grudges end when the game ends. While some level of metagaming is inevitable, try to limit this: this means no bribing another player with a McDonalds ice cream cone in exchange for some in-game action.


Eastern Kingdoms

  • Cammie is the Grand Knight Commander of Aewith (neighbours Lacio, Beawold and Wethorp). King Aewith lost his right arm in a border skirmish against Lacio when he was a young Marquis. Famed for their mounted knights in silver-trimmed full plate. The King is proud to the point of arrogance, but he is a just king and, being a military man himself, is beloved by his knight-commanders. Many Aewithian knights, in an attempt to emulate their king, have taken up left-handed swordplay.
  • Firdaus is the Hierophant of the Great Temple of Krubivax, King Lacio's (neighbours Aewith and Beawold) most trusted adviser. The Hierophant has foreseen a rising darkness, and the entire Kingdom is bent upon guarding the world from said darkness. Famed for their heavy infantry, where every tenth man is a war cleric of the Grave.
  • Martin is the First Prince of Beawold (neighbours Aweith, Lacio, Wethorp and Caburh). King Beawold is old and slightly senile, and his four sons are jockeying for position. The First Prince has always been weak and sickly, and the Second Prince has managed to convince the king to name him Crown Prince instead. However, First Prince has an extensive network of spies working for him, and he has managed to play his Third and Fourth brother off the Second for the longest time now, whittling away at the Crown Prince’s standing in court. Famed for their archers, with their powerful greatbows and longbows of yew.
  • Lincoln is the Crown Princess Abigail, heir to the throne of Wethorp (neighbours Aewith, Beawold and Caburh). King Wethorp is dying of a mysterious illness and has chosen his daughter to be his heir. The Crown Princess is desperately trying to find a cure for her father and has filled the court with mages, clerics, sorcerers and hucksters, each claiming to have the cure, but till date none has proven forthcoming. Her two brothers have no qualms with the inheritance, having each been promised independent dukedoms along the marches, but are slowly becoming frustrated by her draining the treasury and her dogged reluctance to give up. Famed for their navy and rapier-wielding fencers.
  • Zaki is King Caburh (neighbours Wethorp and Beawold).  Young, new to the throne and currently being ill-advised by most of his lesser council, all of whom are trying to take advantage of his youth and ignorance. However, he is more intelligent than he lets on and can see through most of their ploys, but is playing dumb to separate the wheat from the chaff. His apparent stupidity is however concerning his nobles, many of whom have began plotting a coup at the instigation of the councillors. Famed for their light cavalry and skirmishers.

Western Kingdoms

  • XC is the Treasurer of Qadal (neighbours Yaniel). Qadal is rich, sheltered and decadent, and its king is much the same. Despite being resource poor, thanks to its control of the only pass leading into the eastern kingdoms, it has profited greatly from trade and gained a reputation for being a place where, as long as the price is right, one may purchase anything. Famed for their mercenary sellswords, and for attempting to buy out their enemies instead of going to war whenever possible.
  • Gerry is the Third Oligarch of Yaniel (neighours Qadal, Heweth, Aunoral, and dwarves). King Yaniel is a figurehead ruler, and the true power lies with the seven Oligarchs that make up his lesser council. The Temple of Vuloas holds sway in the city, and oligarchic profit through any means - from deceit to outright murder - is the order of the day. King Yaniel knows this and despairs, but is helpless to do anything about the situation. Famed for their siege weapon and crossbowmen.
  • Yongjian is King Heweth (neighbours Yaniel, Aunoral and Keorid), a machiavellian schemer who understands that he is a small fish, in a small pond, surrounded by much larger fish; and that, if he wishes to survive, he must play his neighbours off each other. He has cultivated a reputation for being a gracious guest and an excellent host, and his balls are famed throughout the world. Famed for their warmages.
  • Leo is the Chief Justicar of Aunoral (neighbours Yaniel and Heweth). Queen Aunoral is an authoritarian despot who, despite meaning the best for her people, exercises  power with an iron fist; her first taste of battle was squashing a minor rebellion in her marches, and she fears that any gentleness will be mistook for weakness. Those who defy her are imprisoned or exiled, and harsh punishments are dealt out for minor offences. The people fear her justicars (nicknamed Goldcloaks) who are all paladins of the Grand Temple of Lethae. Famed for their heavy greatsword infantry.
  • Xian is the Crown Prince Adelas of Keorid (neighbours Heweth and the elven forest). King Keorid is quick-tempered and overly bold, and often deeply regrets his outbursts after the fact. Having recently accepted Lethae as his patron, he has taken to meditating for days at a time within the temple, leaving matters of state to the Crown Prince and the lesser council. The elves in the forest, on the edge of Keorid, are a constant threat to the kingdom, and Adelas finds himself constantly arguing with the lesser council about how they should handle their less-than-human neighbours. Famed for their light infantry and swordsmen.


Political Map

The Great Game: Mechanics

The Great Game: Mechanics

Kotaku: "Therapists are using D&D to get kids to open up"

Kotaku: "Therapists are using D&D to get kids to open up"