Where we study what it means to have a house crest; the many ways in which a symbol can be employed in a crest; and what exactly does a griffin passant sinister charged onto a vair field describe.

Kotaku: "Therapists are using D&D to get kids to open up"

Adam Davis, co-founder of the Dungeons & Dragons therapy group Wheelhouse Workshop, thinks kids with social issues aren’t being asked the right questions. In a dreary school counselor’s office, it can be hard to engage with “Why aren’t you doing your homework?” and “Have you tried joining clubs?” For Davis, more fruitful lines of inquiry start with “Who has the axe? Is it two-handed? What specialty of wizard to you want to be?”

The Fourian Calendar

Warning: homebrew D&D content ahead!

First established by the wizard Fourian in the year 0 CE (Common Era), the calendar quickly spread throughout the world and, by 12 CE, was a standard. A Fourian month started at a full moon and ended at the next full moon, and was made up of exactly four weeks of seven days each, for a month of exactly 28 days.

D&D for Newbies (25 Mar 17)

Alright, I know most of you guys are just here for the pictures, so I'll try to keep this short and sweet. Last Saturday, on 25 March 2017, we held a series of introductory one-shot games for everyone and anyone interested in trying out Dungeons and Dragons for the first time. Twelve brave souls turned up, and - armed with little more than their wits and pregenerated character sheets - plumbed the depths of three separate dungeons.

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From videogame RPGs to tabletop RPGs: 5 things to expect

Alright, so you've heard of this cool thing called Dungeons and Dragons (D&D).  You've read the books, found a group that's friendly to newbies, and you're excited to try it out...  but, at the same time, you're a little apprehensive.  I mean, sure, you've been playing roleplaying games for years now - probably even played a few games based on the D&D system - but this is your first time playing it away from a PC or console.  What should you do?  What can you expect?

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Eric and the dread gazebo

Whenever I hear someone tell me that they're worried that they don't know how to roleplay, or that they're worried that they're playing their character wrong, I smile and think of Eric and the Dread Gazebo; because, no matter how badly you think you're roleplaying your character, at least you didn't waste a +3 arrow on a white gazebo.

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