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What is D&D?

If you've ever read a novel, watched a movie, or played a game and said to yourself, "I would have totally done something different if I were that guy", then you've felt the urge to play a tabletop roleplaying game like Dungeons and Dragons. In these games, your character can do just about anything. Want to climb a nearby trellis so that you can stab the giant in the eye? Why not! Want to hire a mercenary army to kill the giant instead? Sure! Want to sit down and have an oversized cup of tea with the giant so that you can deal with the problem diplomatically? Go ahead!


How do I play?

Every player will have control over one character, while one player - the Dungeon Master (DM) - will play all the other characters in the game. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about D&D: we’ll teach you everything you need to know as we go along. As long as you can do simple addition and know what an elf is, you’re all set.

For your newbie game, we’ll be running it as a one-shot: that is to say, a game where the story is entirely self-contained. All you have to do is pick a pre-generated character - perhaps you’ll be a sneaky halfling rogue, or a fearsome dwarf barbarian, or a well-armoured human fighter - and you’ll be ready to play!

This is in contrast with campaigns, where you will be creating your own character from scratch (complete with backstory and relationships) and playing with the same group of people every week. Campaigns allow you to tell stories that span weeks and months, explore how your character grows and changes with each new experience, and of course allow you to leave a mark on the world.


The world of Wyrd

Something unique to Experience Point is that all our campaigns take place in the same shared world of Wyrd. Players will not only actively change and shape reality with their actions, but can (and often do) meet up with other adventuring parties to either trade, cooperate, conspire, or just plain fight each other.

The core philosophy of all our games is that consequences matter. For better or worse, you and your party have the power to change the world. Everything on Wyrd, from histories of the cities and kingdoms to the gods and races themselves, are the result of player actions, and that’s what makes out setting different from any other. There is literally nothing quite like it anywhere else.

Some of the ridiculous things players have done in previous seasons include:

  • Rediscover and awaken an ancient race, sleeping in the depths of the earth.

  • Resurrect the lich lord Vecna and consign an entire city to death in the process.

  • Throw an entire army of gnolls into the mouth of a dead god.

  • Steal the Wand of Orcus for the demon prince Asmodeus.

  • Commit genocide on the race of elves by burning their city and cutting down their Tree of Life.


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